the flying fat girl!!!

so i’m back home.  hope all of my fat girls have lost that 100 pounds resolved in those new years resolutions.

air planes are a lot easier these days.  but i do miss that look of abject terror on the face of my seat mate when they (gulp) realize that they are going to spend three hours crammed in next to me!!  it’s even better to get the center seat, then you get to see that look on two peoples faces and it gives the blub more room to moosh around.  pull up those arm rests girls!! then it actually gets on them and they will look as if they might catch it!

be sure and not drink or eat anything for three days prior to traveling.  there is no way in hell you will get your fat ass into that barbie sized bathroom!!

the last time i flew as a fat girl:

when leaving monroe on that little plane, they ask me to change sides of the plane because of a “weight issue”  yes, they actually used that term….and they actually aid it out loud,

it was the first time i needed the seat belt extender.

i managed to fall asleep, but kept waking up because og MY OWN snoring (had that drool thing going on too)

when we landed, my feet were so swollen i couldn’t walk and needed delta to get a wheel chair to drag my shamoo ass down to luggage claim.

but as my faithful reader know…even that didn’t decide it for me….it was baseball.

So today on the biggest sport watching/junk eating sunday of the year.  eat what you like, but just a little bit, okay?  don’t feel like you can’t have things.  it’s moderation, like anything else.  it’s a lot more fun to eat a lot of things in small amounts than one big ass hunk of something.  then when you wake up, or when you get home, write down everything you ate.  then put the paper away for a couple of days.  say about tuesday look at the paper  DAMN!!!  would you ever willingly eat that combination of stuff.  you also have a good start on a food journal.  just write it downr….not every day just when you think about it.  and lord no, i don’t expect you to DO anything about….that’s to weight watcher-ish.  i had a professor who always bragged about how long she’d been on weight watchers, and she still looks like bibb the michelin man…thank god she’s on weight watchers or she would have exploded years ago.  seriously.   just write, and every once in a while look at what you eat.  some days it will make you want to puke.    that’s when you figure out some sensible thing to do about it… not a diet.  if you want to you can e-mail me and we shall talk.  maybe we can have a chat night or something….let me think…

also i’m not happy with this whole “food id not the enemy” blog name….i kinda think the “flying Fat Girl!!” would have more flair.  so let me know what you think

Be happy & be healthy

Skinny Kim


have you ever noticed that you never see anyone smaller than a size 22 wearing a betty boop t-shirt?


SHE’S IN THE ATTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have been away, thanks  to surgery….with stories to tell!!!  But that will be later.  Just want to let all know more fat girl posts will follow.  One of my dedicated readers commented that my blog  was almost as good as the Diary of Ann Frank….Crap, I hope my story has a better ending!!!

My Rocket 88

Okay, today we are going to talk about underwear….great big, gigantic underwear.  More specifically “shapers”.  For the uninitiated (yeah right , like there’s a fat girl out there that doesn’t own at least one), they are foundations garments, and most of them will make you look like a Buick.  “shaper” sounds so much better than “girdle”.  Girdles are for old ladies, where as shapers are cool and hip. Yeah right.  Okay, here is the question….when you put one on, where does the blub go?  If  it goes into your torso, it will rupture your spleen.  If it goes down…your knees will balloon out and if it goes up, your neck will look like an inner tube.  The truth is it doesn’t “go” anywhere….it’s right there where you left it.  Shapers keep things still so you can zip up those pants (if you are flat on your back on the bed).

I think as fat girls we have a way of putting girdles on our brains.  We smile and try to keep our minds still, so we don’t think about zipping our pants….or lacing our shoes.  We keep our minds still at parties where the thin wear dazzling cocktail dresses and the only thing we could find makes us look like we raided Queen Elizabeth’s closet.  The girdle gets us through the little league games and all those days at work.  Maybe if we just let our emotional blub out, we would feel better about ourselves and wouldn’t worry what others thought….because you know what?  Everyone has emotional blub.

I’ve decided to stop with the stupid diets for a while.  There are just to many out there….although i did see the most amazing chin “toner” last night on t.v.  it’s like a little plunger thing that you set on your chest and open and shut  your mouth.  It’s supposed to DO something, other than make you look like a jackass.  I think it’s supposed to get rid of that turkey neck thing.

So for today, I will embrace my inner blub….and I hope you will too.

Be happy and healthy:

Skinny Kim

How to Hit the Mall Without Having it Hit Back!

I personally hate the mall.  This dates back to santa’s presence.  He scared the living pee out of me.  Check any of our fanily photo albums and nada.  I use to make my mom and dad partk CLEAR accross the parking lot from his intersanctum.  No don’t get me wrong, i wasn’t against th material  joy we was going to cover the living room with…Hey man, bring on those e.z. bake ovens and spirogaphs”  just don’t let me see you as do it.

I still destest the mall, but feel a littl kinder towards santa…i don’t know that they could pay be enough to “ho-ho-ho”…and to let the entire shopping world know that if “shakes whn i laugh like a bowl full of jelly!

My mall problem is all that quasia food purved at the fast food booths.  They know us.  after a 35 min. lap around the parking lot to find a space with in sight of the mall, you are not about to leave it to go eat sometthing wholesome (and just a note…leavng a 5 years old child sitting in the spot will not “hold” it, but will get mommy “held” in city Jail for a bit, and by that time the Michael  Kohrs sale will be over and you will end up having to give that bath ande boby works crap again.

So on to what to eat….i was going to take out my much worn copy og by mall feed bible, only to find that someone is usgin it,

But here goes”  i rarely ever endorse anything, but this one i used and apparently others do to,.  the name is EAT THIS, NOT THAT,

itis pusblished by mens health, and will get you through any dining out pratfall, but esopecially fast food ones..  they usuawlly carry new/used on amazon and that book has come to my rescue a ton of times;  I know these are getting shorter, but so is my time until surgery….and i am rather preociped.  me mack to my old smart ass self soo though

be well& keep happy:

Skinny Kim

Once gain, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes in their own way, by going to the mall of their choice.  – -Dave Barry

Thanksgiving—-The Attack of The Food Nazis!!

This gigantic land  mine of a holiday is right around the corner.  Fat girls tend to get caught in the line of fire between the “Is that all you’re going to eat?” brigade and the “Are you going to eat all that!?” squad.   It’s bad enough if you are the  hostess of the event, but can be absolutely terrible is you are a guest.  Since when does being thankful mean that you have to eat until you are ready to puke?   Here are some little hints that have worked for me:

1)  If  there is a “kids table”, sit at it.  Even if you have to sit on the floor….even if none of the kids are yours.  Most parents will be thrilled that they won’t have to referee, and children are rarely hyper critical about whats on your plate.

2)  If  there are no children to save your ass, try and position yourself next to the most interesting person at the table.  If you happen to be that person, put yourself near someone who will find you fascinating.  That way, while you are being entertaining, you can kind of push stuff  around on the plate and no one will really notice what you are eating.

3)  Take some of everything (but not much of anything) .  Don’t dive into one item and finish it all at once.  Move around, then people won’t accuse you of not having something.

4)  Volunteer to clean up/do the dishes.  Trust me, you won’t be turned down.  Do this by yourself or get some “like sized” relative to volunteer with you.  If you are still hungry, you can eat the left overs out of the pots and pans without anyone knowing it.  If you ate too much, or something was nasty, you can talk about the person who made it or barf, without anyone knowing.

This year though, I think that I will be in the perfect spot of the portion controlled universe.  I will be in the hospital.  I can’t wait to see how festive my tray might be.

Stupid Fad Diet of the Day:

Well this isn’t actually a diet, but a device, check for yourself, and see if you think it’s stupid:

Anticellulite footwear, with a rubber sole that is curved thicker and higher in the middle!  They force your legs to work harder with each step.  They run at least $200 and they are butt ugly….the only way to describe them is Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall down.

Holidays are stressful, because sometimes the people who love us the most are also the ones that know exactly how to hurt our feelings.  Family members sometimes feel that they can for go politeness, brcause…well, it’s family.  Try not to take it to heart. Escape to another room if necessary and give yourself an affirmation or a pep talk.  Realize that the criticizers aren’t perfect either, and sometimes cruelty is their armor.  If you are lucky you won’t have to see them again until Christmas.  If you’re really lucky, you won’t have to see them until NEXT Thanksgiving. 



Thanksgiving is an emotional holiday.  People travel thousands of miles to be with people they only see once a year.  And then discover that once a year is way too often.  —Johnny Carson


I base most of my fashion sense on what doesn’t itch

Ah, the joys of shopping! something that isn’t enjoyed by the plus sized bunch. I don’t care how much they try to make it appealing, the stores know that large clothes suck. Don’t believe it? Go to Lane Bryant and look at the jeans on the rack. “Hmmmm, these look okay. Let me just take them off of the hanger..HOLY SHIT!!!” They fold them on the hanger in the most amazing way. A true talent. The word that comes to mind as they come off of the hanger is “unfurl”….like a sail. Everyday clothes are bad enough. “Occasion” clothes can require a script for Valium.  There is a store here in NY called Dress Barn.  Is there a fat girl on earth who REALLY wants to buy clothes at a store with the word “Barn” in the name?  Another thing…if you are a fat man, you shop in a BIG AND TALL STORE.  Doesn’t that sound rather rakish and debonaire?  If you are a fat girl, you buy clothes in a STOUT SHOP!!  Pretty Plus my ass!!

Stupid Fad Diet of the Day:

 The Pasta, Popcorn, and Chocolate Diet:

Basically you eat fruits, vegetables, salads then throw in the chocolate, popcorn and pasta as fillers. I don’t see any sign of meat in this diet…which would lead me to believe you’d be pretty hungry all the time.

Maybe that’s why you keep eating the popcorn.
This diet comes with a surprisingly strict list of things to avoid:
• Alcoholic beverages
• Salt/sodium
• Sugars (artificial sweeteners are okay)
• Oils
• Oily fruits (avocados, olives, coconuts)
• High sugar/cal fruits (raisins, figs, dates)
• Fried foods
• Dairy products
• Red meats
• Nuts and seeds
• Unauthorized snacks (chips, junk food, candies, cakes, pies, etc.)
• Coffee/caffeine
• Carbonated soft drinks
 Apparently all you can ever drink is water (regular, mineral and carbonated), and how in God’s name would you avoid sodium?

okay, maybe too much detail….DON’T TRY THIS, PLEASE!!

So, it apparent that becase we are big, the marketing community treats us differently.  Apparently we have no taste, and we are all at least 70 years of age, considering what is offered to us.  It’s hard to remember that you have inner beauty when you are wandering around in some ugly ass mumu!  We buy more make up than any other group, even teenage girls.  what is it that we are trying to convey to the world?  We mask ourselves…not so much for others, but because we are often afraid to face ourselves.  Today, I hope you will take a good long look in the mirror and find something to like.  concentrate on that and you will feel better about yourself.  The more you find to like, the more you will be willing to change the rest.  What’s best for you?  you know….you just have to convince yourself that it’s okay!!

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.   –  Dr. Seuss

Be Healthy & Stay Well:

Skinny Kim

Can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lots of happy fat women!!

 I have been told that I need to explain myself.  The fact that at 102 pounds and I refer to myself as a “fat girl”.  That’s the way that I will always see myself.  As I said in an earlier post, my surgery was not on my brain.  I know that I will always have the potential…that the fat girl is lurking, ready to jump out.  My family gets angry when I ask them “does this make me look fat?”  I’m not trying to be a wise ass, it’s just that I still can’t trust my body not to betray me.   There are certain times that I will always be the fat girl.

Let’s talk about eating out….not the food that is ingested, but the ACT of eating out.  I used to hate it!!!  When you are larger than the average bear, there is the fear (which is sometimes well founded) that people are looking at you when you eat.  Better not clean your plate!!  God help ya’ if it’s an all you can eat buffet and you go back more than once.  Tables are more convinient, because depending on the size of the booth, you may not fit.  I remember one monumental dining experience where the booth seats were not nailed down or what ever they are supposed to be and i almost flipped one over.  Or maybe there is some sort of flaw in the covering and you sit down to a giant fart noise!!  The chances are pretty good that some of your meal will end up on the front of you, since it’s hard to get close to the table.  And everyone knows that the reason fat people are fat is because they are slobs…and food on your shirt just proves it.

I don’t feel up to posting a stupid diet today, and may take the weekend off to boot.  So let’s close the week with this, shall we?

We all have an inner strength….even if it is just an itty bitty speck right now.  Realize that, and nurture that strength.  It’s hard to know what is right for us sometimes….but trust that little bit of strength.  Listen to the still small voice.  Don’t let others tear you down.  Be strong!  Be Beautiful!  Because I know that you are, even though you may not realize it yourself!!

Be Happy and Be Well:


Skinny Kim


See I’m not sure if you know this, but there are two kinds of fat people: there’s fat people that were born to be fat, and there’s fat people that were once thin but became fat… so when you look at ’em you can sorta see that thin person inside. You see, you’re gonna get married, you’re gonna squeeze out a few puppies and then, uh…  –  The Breakfast Club

Music Box Dancer

I don’t know about you, but with all the diets that I have been on, I have probably lost about 400 pounds.  That means I should be the right size to be twirling inside of a music box to some dreadful song like My Heart Will Go On.  But then I think of all of the weight that I have gained back and think “oops, never mind.”  For me, losing weight was not the problem….keeping it off was.  The problem I have with diets is, none of them are something that I want to do for the rest of my life.  And as most of us know, as soon as we lose the weight it’s Happy Days are Here Again!!! And to celebrate we take the familiy out to the all you can eat buffet.  Diets may be a way of jump starting your weight loss, but if you don’t change things…well, you are screwed.

Even with weight loss surgery there are draw backs.  People think that it’s some sort of magic bullet.  You get you innards rerouted and you can eat what you want and get skinny.  The people i know who have had to have it done more than once have not realized this.   NOPE!!  It’s a tool,  albeit and excellent one.  You still have to work on retraining yourself, but it does become habit and gets easier over time.  If you chose this route, be prepared.  People will accuse you of taking the easy way out.  Yeah Right: 

From Journal:

8-4-06: well i am home. i got home about 10:00 yesterday morning. i will try and put down my hospital experience, and be objective. right now i feel prettty crummy, but i know that will pass, and i don’t want it to color my narrative. so here goes.

on 7-31-06{” i got to the hospital about 9:30. i got right back to a holding room and al got to stay with me the whole time. it took three tries, but the i.v. got in. amy from dr; v’s office came dancing in with my barri/cough bear, singing “i will survive” she is such a funny up beat person. she gave me a hug and told me she would see me soon. surgery was scheduled for 11:30, but there was a hold up with the operating suite, so they didn’t come for me until about 1:00. they moved me into the room and had me scoot onto this little cot thing.. they were very good about telling me exactly what they were doing and why they were doing it. there were these two arm rest that went straight out and my arms were strapped to them. what popped into my mind is that this is just how we trussed up the animals in anatomy before we disected them. damn, was that an image that i didn’t need. then the anesthiologist (dr. houston, who was so nice). said i am going to give you something to make you a little sleepy. then boom….i was gone

now something absolutely amazing happened. i went to sleep as a rather scared, polite, cooperative woman…..and awoke as the she witch from hell!!!

next thing i knew was i was in the o.r. and they were done. i don’t really remember the n.g. tube being removed, but i had the sensation that it had just been removed. then i started complaining of pain. they whisked me into recovery. and i complained in there too. the nurses gave me something. then asked about my pain level. big, huge, mistake, because it still hurt and when i told them that, i think that i callled one of them a name. after the third shot, the pain was manageable, but i felt so sick. apparently morephine is not my friend. so they gave me something for the urps. my doc does not use pca’s. so they got my pain level regulated and then took me down to my room. when we got to the door of my room, they bumped the wall and i was ugly again. i don’t remember exactly what i said, but alan said it was pretty nasty. after what seemed like a few minutes, they came to get me to walk. alan put on my slippers and the nurses helped to stand me up. i remember taking one step and that was it. i wasn’t going to walk any more. i told the nurse that was it for me, and she said that i had to walk. alan said “you know you have to walk.” so being the sweet wife i am, i turned on him and said “screw you” only i think i used a word that wasn’t so nice. well, he got upset and left for home and the kids. and even at that time i couldn’t blame him. i couldn’t believe that i was being so nasty….but it was just coming out. so, i laid back down and they hooked me up to the leg squisher things. since i had a foley cath. in i didn’t have to worry about using the bathroom. before i knew it i was out. i woke up about 2:00a.m. and i was so stiff….and i wanted to roll over, but i couldn’t. about time, mary, the sweetest nurse, was passing my room and saw me struggling. she suggested the recliner, and even though i doubted that it would be comfortable, i went along and she helped get me settled. that was the somfiest place i had ever been. and i never got back into the hospital bed after that.

on 8-1-06: i had to have them change my pain meds. the morphine just made me too sick. they swapped me to demerol injections. i was more myself that day…..a little cooperator. so i walked when ever asked and walked some more on my own. they removed my cath. so i developed a schedule. every time that i would get up to use the bathroom, i would make a lap of the hall way. had a really hard time with the left side inciscion. ow! about noon they came and got me for my leak test. omg….can you say “YUCK”. it went down, and thank god it stayed down as long as it needed to, because there is no way that i could have slammed that shot again.  it tasted like ear wax!! (at least the way i’ve always THOUGHT it would taste)  they took a pic. and then i said if you have a basin, i need it, because i am going to get sick. well they did and i was. people talk about the “foamies” well that’s what i did, i foamed up. everything went okay and i was so excited to get to have my water. and thanks to my sweet ohs friend julie, i even had a goblet to drink it out of!! little did i know that water would become my nemises. i just couldn’t seem to drink enough. they brought me some jello and broth….and three bottles of water. everytime they came with jello they came with three bottles of water….i had a collection of twelve before it was time to go home. i just couldn’t seem to drink all that i needed. becuase of that i couldn’t go home that day. the temp was about 100 degrees and doc. v. and gabe (his p.a.), just didn’t want to send me home in all that heat with a good chance that i would become dehydrated.

8-3: gabe came around early and asked how i was doing with my water….i told him i was only able to do two bottles the day before, but i would keep trying. then he asked me if i wanted to go home. boy did i!! i called al, because he wasn’t planning on coming until later. what a horrible ride home….it’s a straight shot, 10 min. ride, but i never realized how many pot holes there are on merrick road. i some how had it in my mind that everything would be fine once i got home. but i still hurt, i still had water troubles, but at least i was home.


Stupid  Fad Diet of the Day:

Tape Worm Diet Pills

Yep, just what they sound like.  Give yourself worms!!!! then you can eat whatever you want.  The parasites inside you will screw up your digestion so badly that you won’t gain weight!  And for the financially strapped, just eat raw meat, it’s sure to bbe super wormy!!  And when you are the right side, go and get that puppy (or probably by that times puppies) removed.  the fun part is – treatment for getting rid of a tapeworm varies from grotesque to the less grotesque.  yep, apparently even more grotesque than having worms.  i understand you may also scoot your ass across the living room carpeting, but, hey, nothing is without draw backs.

I want you to do something today.  Do one thing,  just for yourself, because you want to.  I’m not talking about food related, but life related.  When we are heavier that we want to be, we have a tendancy to try and sink into the back ground to not be noticed.  We also tend to put others first.  I don’t know if it’s our way of getting people to like us, or our way of saying we don’t deserve things.  So, do one selfish, truly just for you thing today.  I’d love to know what you did for yourselves, so leave a comment.  Hell, I think I’ll do something just for me today, too. 

oh You’re So Condescending
your Gall Is Never Ending
we Don’t Want Nothin’, Not A Thing From You  -Dee Schneider


Be healthy and stay well:

Skinny Kim

The Hefty Will Inherit the Earth!!

Well, maybe not, but they will inherit the Governors mansion. The politics don’t matter. What matters is the incumbent ran several ads pointing out that the challenger was fat.

Care to guess who the new Gov. is?

What all of those mini’s don’t realize, is there are a hell of a lot more of us then there are of them.  They apparently think that we were born rotund. Little do they know that no one goes to bed a size 6 and wakes up a size 22. It creeps up on ya’ and the older you get, the faster it creeps!!

What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been

From my journaling:


just finished what has taken on a ritual air…..taking a shower (aka: the danse macarbe)

(just a note….i hate showers, and love baths, but since i can’t get my big butt in and out of the bath…no longer an option)

step one:

get in, banging my toes against metal shower door track on tub. swear.

step two:

drop the hand held shower thing, bend to pick it up…damn near pass out

step three:

drop the bottle of shampoo, bend to pick it up….damn near pass out

step three:

after washing, get out of shower, banging my toes against the metal shower door track on tub. swear

step four:

bend over to get dressed….damn near pass out

i can’t wait to be thin again……

Stupid Fad Diet of The Day:

The lemonade diet:

Nothing says yum-o like lemon juice maple syrup and red pepper mixed together!!   And you get other things to water (regular) water (salt) and herbal laxative tea!! Period…until you eat weight, snap mentally, or die! And some other side effects:

* Diarrhea
* Dizziness
* The salt water can make you puke.
* You will crap out all of the solids within your body. Be ready. If you swallowed a pebble when you were 5 years old, it might make a guest appearance.

Remember my loves, that no diet or surgery will fix your life.  As I always say, I had surgery on my body, not my mind.  Weight loss will make you healthier, but it won’t fix your marriage, make you happy, fix your life…..the problems will still be there. BUT   you will be healthier and stronger.  It won’t make you a fighter…you already ARE a fighter…in there somewhere, I promise.  Everyone is.  It’s just that some of us have been beaten down for so long we don’t know it.

Best Wishes and Be Healthy:

Skinny Kim

You Have Such a Pretty Face! If only You Would Lose Some Weight!!


the day i came home from the hospital 2005

taped up
November 2009

People think that when they say this they are being complimentary and helpful at the same time. How many of us have had unsolicited comments from the Ûber helpful? These are the same people who would NEVER, EVER, tell a joke about someone’s ethnicity or sexual orientation, but love a good “fat” joke…because you see, we did it to ourselves…on purpose…and if we would only put down that big ass hunk of cake and get off the sofa….well, you know…

My Mother-In-Law Moment:

Okay, I’m not the favorite daughter-in-law, as I am after all a Shiksa (look it up dear, it will improve your vocabulary). But on one memorable trip to Applebee’s, she leaned over sweetly and asked “So, exactly where does someone your size buy their clothes?” to which I said “Um, the store” and as we were driving home I got “do you know that you are fat?” I didn’t have an answer for that…well actually I did, but I think that throwing your mother-in-law from a moving mini-van is a crime in New York state.

The point of todays entry is this. People really don’t intend to be mean, it’s just that sometimes they suck. Being overweight is seen by society as being some sort of personal flaw and if we weren’t so lazy and sloppy, if we cared about anything and weren’t ignorant…well, we wouldn’t look like we do. I’m here to tell you IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!!!!! In our lives shit happens. There are as many reasons for getting overweight as there are for losing weight or having weight loss surgery.

Here Are My Reasons for Weight Loss Surgery/Keeping the Weight Off: (they are not in any specific order and all were/are equally important to me):
i want to be able to sit on the floor to play with my grandkids, without having to have two people get me back up.

i want to be healthy

i want to be able to cross my legs

i want to be able to walk into a classroom without wondering if i’m going to be able to fit in the desks

i want to be able to climb a flight of stairs without getting completely out of breath

i want to be able to have sex again

i want to not feel self concious when i eat in public

i want to be able to sit in the bath tub

i want to be able to tie my shoes without feeling like i am going to pass out.

i want to buy panties at victoria’s secret instead of granny panties from wal-mart.

i want to go to a yankees game without getting stuck in a turn style

i want to not be afraid to meet new people

i want to sit on the floor without looking like a water buffalo when i get up.

i want to be able to present a healthy example

i want to have the energy to clean my house, and do things that i used to be able to do the things Iused to do

i want to die of old, old age

Stupid Diet of The Day: I debated long and hard about this, because at one time I would have actually tried one of these (and probably have) because I thought I could take the easy way out). So I am thinking about keeping things intentionally vague…anyway, let me know if I should continue with this segment.

The Cabbage Soup Diet:

You make this nasty soup, that is heavy on cabbage (hence the name) and other foods guaranteed to give you gas like a Mutha. Add to that a huge daily helping of skim milk and a lot of bananas.

My Theory on Why It Works:

Actually it doesn’t, but know one will ever know…because you will be unable to leave your house!! You will be burping and farting at an alarming rate! and who would take this soup to work? it smells like ass!! so, you sit at home, near a bathroom (those bananas and milk you know), photo shopping pictures of your self and posting them everywhere, so everyone caan see the skinny you!

Next time if I’m not too lazy, I’ll stick a recipe for something up here.

The future depends on what we do in the present. – Mahatma Gandhi

Best of Luck and Be Well’

Skinny Kim

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